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Our Journeying

Natural Health, Beauty, Wellbeing & Creative Paper Artistry
Simple Healing

Emotional Support where ever you need

 Bach Flower Remedies 

 Neal's Yard Remedies

NYR Organic 


At Neal's Yard Remedies we use natural and organic ingredients,which are free from harmful chemicals.

We test on willing humans and we have never tested on animals.

We are dedicated to trading ethically and we always treat people fairly.

We are an independent family business and we pay our fair share of tax.


We campaign for great causes to protect this beautiful planet.

We tread lightly on the earth to ensure our environmental footprint is as gentle as can be.


We do all these things so you can feel good and look good, naturally.

 Creative Paper Artistry 

Treasured Moments.....
that last a lifetime 

Custom made paper art, enjoy flowers that don't fade or a unique portrait of family, friends, pets or a place that is truly sentimental with handmade layered paper art.

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