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Bach Remedies for children
All children are wonderful, how they learn and grow is varied and unique to them.
Bach Flower Remedies support their journey as they bloom and blossom. 
Bach Flower Remedies supports; 
Through illness
Bereavement and grief
Emotional Support as they grow

Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe for all ages from the womb to birth, as babies, during childhood and adolescence and are greatly supportive for growing teenagers through to young adulthood and beyond.  Every step of the way these pure remedies gently support your child as they emotionally blossom.  

Bach remedies are natural flowers, plants and trees with the exception of one that comes from a natural spring known for it's healing qualities.  The remedies are completely safe as none are poisonous, providing harmless non-habit forming gentle emotional support for all ages.  

Children all over the world have Bach Remedies with tremendously beneficial results, effectively supporting their growth and development. 

Bach remedies treat the person not the disease and children especially enjoy learning how this simple healing system can support them as they grow, providing them with valuable ways of coping with challenges they encounter, such as shyness, fear, bullying, tantrums and anger, frustration, sadness, worry and phobias are just a few of the many emotions that these remedies can help them navigate and overcome positively.

Supporting them during times of change as they grow such as teething, going into new environments nursery, school, college and University.  Growing through puberty to helping emotionally during pressures and stress of exams and key moments such as a driving test or an interview for example.

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